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Commercial Elevators

Nashville Machine Company is the exclusive Middle Tennessee distributor forThyssenKrupp Elevator (formerly Dover Elevators) 

The image of every building starts in the lobby and elevators are the key elements to this first impression. Elevators influence a building’s marketability based on their appearance, how smooth they run, how fast they answer calls and how often they are out of service. That is why it is essential to have a sound, vertical transportation maintenance program and service contract from a reliable and trusted company.

Nashville Machine Elevator Company was established in 1887, and began selling and servicing elevators in the 1920’s. Today we service approximately 2000 customers and over 3500 elevators in Nashville and surrounding areas. At Nashville Machine Elevator Company, our service department is top of the line, with over 30 certified and trained service technicians, available to meet your vertical transportation needs. We still answer our phone “in person” and locally. All of our service technicians are equipped with truck inventories tailored to match their respective routes. What this means to you is that we will fix your equipment quickly and it will be correct the first time, thus reducing the time your elevator is out of service.
Services Offered
  • Traffic Studies
  • Preliminary Drawings
  • Electrical Requirments
  • Load Reactions Machine and Rail
  • Heat Loads for Elevator Machine Rooms

Nashville Machine Elevator Company has the largest number of construction crews in the Middle Tennessee area enabling us to meet the toughest construction schedule.  We also have a full time Construction Superintendent who has twenty-five (25) years experience, to attend your projects.

The company has a large bonded warehouse to store materials when job conditions prevent storage.


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